Everything You Need To Know About Snorkeling Wear Essentials

Everything You Need To Know About Snorkeling Wear Essentials

If you wear the right snorkeling outfit, you can experience a big difference. You will not only feel more pleasure in your snorkeling adventure, but you will also feel more comfortable and safer. Keep reading to learn different things you could wear while snorkeling. Are you new to the sport? Then, you can read our article on how does snorkeling work here.

Choosing the right snorkeling wear

What do you need to snorkel? As we mentioned before, you will need three main things for snorkeling: a mask, a snorkel, and fins. Let us take a closer look at the snorkeling set and the parts of snorkeling gear first. 


Your mask should fit tightly on your face to keep water out. Make sure to get a safer snorkeling mask with shatterproof glass and a comfortable adjustable strap. You can choose either single or dual-lens masks. Some masks have a silicone skirt for extra comfort and a good fit. Some masks come with extra features like anti-fog coating, a purge valve, or a low-volume design.


The snorkel has a mouthpiece and a tube. It should have a splash guard or a dry top to keep water out and a purge valve to clear any water that gets in. There are different types of snorkels in different lengths, like J-style snorkels, dry snorkels, and semi-dry snorkels. J-style snorkels are simple tubes with a mouthpiece. Dry snorkels have a valve at the top, and it seals when you dive. Semi-dry snorkels do not seal completely but reduce water entry. For more information on snorkel length, check out our article on what is the longest snorkel you can use here.

Do you need to know how does snorkeling works? Read our how does snorkeling work article here.


There are full-foot or open-heel fins. Choose your favorite depending on the water temperature and what you like. You can find fins in different styles and sizes, too. Are you traveling? Choose short fins. They are light and easy to pack. Want more power and speed? Go with long fins. These are also useful for freediving or fighting currents. Paddle fins are great for gliding, and split fins are gentler on your knees. Some fins also have features like adjustable straps, quick-release buckles, or split blades.

Importance of each part in the snorkeling gear list

Did you know each of your snorkeling gear pieces has a special job?

Mask – Someone asked for underwater goggles? You can clearly see underwater and keep your eyes safe from any irritation or infection with the help of your snorkeling mask. It also balances your ear pressure when you dive deeper.
Snorkel – Get your personal air tube. Thanks to snorkel tubes, you do not have to lift your head out of the water to breathe. Do you need to know more about snorkel, Read our how does snorkeling work article here >>
Fins – Want to try underwater speed boosters? You must wear fins if you want to move faster and more efficiently through the water. You do not have to worry about controlling your direction and balance when you dive deeper and wear fins.

What to wear to go snorkeling?

What to wear to go snorkeling
What to wear to go snorkeling

You have to think about what clothes to wear for snorkeling apart from the snorkeling set. Sometimes you may need more clothes and sometimes less. It all depends on the water temperature and conditions. There are many snorkeling clothes to choose from shirts to lycra pants to hats. Let us start this section with shirts.

Why should you wear shirts for snorkeling?

There are three main reasons why.

Sun protection – Sunburns can really hurt you. And it is not good for your health. Snorkeling shirts are a great solution for this.
Warmth – Cool waters? Wear a shirt to snorkel and stay warm in and out of the water.
Sting protection – Snorkeling is great. But jellyfish or other sea creature stings are not. So, it is better to wear a shirt before you start your adventure.

Different types of shirts to wear for snorkeling

There are many shirt options to choose from. Such as,

Rash guards – A tight-fitting shirt made of synthetic fabric. It dries quickly and offers UV protection.
 Wetsuits – Made from neoprene, vests, or short-sleeve and leg wetsuits. It can provide warmth in cooler water or when snorkeling multiple times a day.
 Swimsuits – Made from quick-drying, stretchy fabrics. Enjoy the freedom of movement with this comfortable option.
 T-shirts – A loose-fitting shirt made of cotton or other natural fabric. T-shirts absorb water and offer little UV protection. Wear with a rash guard.

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What to wear to snorkel? More clothes and gear

What to wear to go snorkeling besides shirts? There are a lot of options available for you. Let’s check them out.

How do you select the proper snorkeling set?

Shorts – Want some coverage and comfort for your lower body? Try shorts. There are different types of shorts available to snorkel, too, like board shorts, swim shorts, or neoprene wetsuit shorts.
Pants – Want protection from the sun and certain sea creatures? Try these. Pants for snorkeling come in a range of leggings, neoprene wetsuit pants, or full-body dive skins.
Socks – Cushion and protect your feet with neoprene socks
Gloves – If you need to keep your hands warm and protected, then you can try neoprene gloves.
Hats – Wear snorkeling caps, get some shade, and protect your head. Want to keep your head cool? Try bandanas or buffs.
Vests – Want extra warmth to your upper body? Try neoprene vests. You can choose rash guard vests, too. They are lightweight and provide you protection from the sun and chafing.
Hoods – Hoods are the best option to keep your head warm and protected while snorkeling in colder waters. Go for neoprene hoods or lighter hoods made from other materials.
Booties – All the above snorkeling clothes can cover almost all of your body. But what about your feet? How do we keep them warm and protected? Especially when you are walking on rocky or rough surfaces? That is what booties are for. Choose neoprene booties or lighter booties made from other materials.

Do you want to choose the right snorkeling set and snorkel accessories? Here are a few things to think about.

Does it fit well? The most important thing is how it fits. If your mask, snorkel, or fins do not fit comfortably and securely on your face, mouth, and feet, you have a problem. So, try them on before buying them or renting them.

How good is your snorkel wear? Your gear should be tough enough to handle salty splashes and sunburns. Look for durable and reliable materials and reputable brands with good reviews when buying or renting them.

Extra features? Snorkeling sets can come with extra features like fancy purge valves or swivel snorkels to improve your snorkeling experience. Cool right? But don’t get overwhelmed! Choose features that fit your style and what you want to do underwater.

US Divers snorkel set

Want to explore the wonders of the deep with the complete snorkel accessories package? Check out the US Divers snorkel set. It is known for being comfortable and durable and keeps your snorkel mask dry even when you go deep. This set prioritizes a snug fit and clear vision with a well-designed mask and adjustable fins. You do not have to worry about your gear falling apart after a few dips when you use this set. And do not forget the snorkel mask’s ability to stay dry even when you are fully submerged.

Lastly, if you’re thinking about going for a full-face snorkel mask, you need to understand its pros and cons. They offer a wide field of view and an integrated breathing system, but there have been safety concerns involving them. For more information, you can read our article on are full face snorkel masks safe here.

Snorkeling wear for different water conditions

Now you almost know everything about what to wear to snorkel. But have you thought about what to wear while snorkeling in case you run into different water conditions?

It could become a serious issue if you are not ready.

01. When strong currents push you around like a leaf

This is not fun at all. You need to grab longer, stiffer fins for better power and control to combat these currents. So, if you ever wondered do you wear a life jacket when snorkeling, the answer is you should, and definitely in heavy currents situations. Life jackets help you stay afloat and easily spot. A snorkel vest would be better, too.

02. When big waves crashing down

Go for a low-volume mask. It will reduce pressure on your face when you dive under. Try a dry top snorkel or full-face mask to prevent water from getting in your mouth when you come up for air.

03. When you are snorkeling in areas with low visibility

Can’t see your hand in front of your face? Wear a mask with a wide field of view to maximize your sight. Clear silicone skirts also help. Use a brightly colored snorkel to stay visible to your buddy.

04. When you are in a tropical paradise or chilly depths

Wearing a rash guard or thin wetsuit might be sufficient in warm waters. But for colder temperatures, you might have to wear a thicker wetsuit or even a dry suit to stay warm and comfortable.

05. When you are planning to do some free diving

Wear a low-volume mask and make equalizing easier. Want to be more comfortable at depth? Choose a flexible snorkel.

06. When there are stinging jellyfish or sharp coral

You need to protect yourself in these situations. Wear full-coverage clothing like a dive skin to avoid scrapes and cuts in areas with coral reefs. In areas with stingers, you can get better protection by wearing a full wetsuit.

Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about what to wear while snorkeling.


Snorkeling is the best way to check out what is happening under the sea with less equipment. But you need to tick a few boxes before you dive in. Deciding what to wear snorkeling is at the top of that list. Your snorkeling wear should go along with the water conditions and your personal needs. Your snorkeling outfit has the power to decide whether your snorkeling experience is way better or way worse. Always remember that being comfortable and safe should be your main goal. Wear what makes you feel good and enjoy.

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