What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit?

what do you wear under a wetsuit

Do you love water activities? Can’t decide what goes under the wetsuit yet? Is it even necessary to wear anything? If you are planning to have any kind of water fun, like diving, surfing, snorkeling, or competing in a triathlon, you must choose proper undergarments. It can boost your comfort, performance, and safety. That’s what we are going to talk about in this article. We will go over the wetsuit essentials, discuss whether men and women wear different things, compare swimwear and wetsuits, and give some extra tips for scuba divers and snorkelers. Keep reading to find out what do you wear under a wetsuit.

Exploring options for what do you wear under a wetsuit

A wetsuit is like a second skin made from a synthetic rubber neoprene. It keeps you warm in the water by trapping a water-thin layer between the suit and your body. Your body heat warms this water. So, wearing a wetsuit is the best way to keep you warm in cold water. But that’s not all. Wetsuits protect you from UV light, rough surfaces, and even bites from water animals. Today, we are not going to talk about wetsuits and their benefits. We are going to discuss something that worries people so much about wetsuits; that question is, what do I wear under a wetsuit?

Answering that question is not simple. It depends on what kind of water activity you enjoy, the water’s temperature, and your comfort. Some people wear nothing under their wetsuits, while others wear specific undergarments like skinsuits or dive skin suits. So, do you wear anything under a wetsuit? You can, but you should choose what you wear based on your comfort and diving and surfing conditions.

Female and male wetsuit undergarments

Are you diving into the deep blue sea? or swimming laps in a pool? Whichever water activity you do, what you wear under your wetsuit can significantly impact your comfort and performance. Interestingly, males and females go in different directions when deciding what to wear for diving or swimming based on their preferences. Here are some options for each gender.

What to wear under wetsuit female?

What to wear under wetsuit female
What to wear under wetsuit female
Swimsuit or Bikini – This is a comfortable and well-fitting option. Skip the metal bits that might damage the suit, and you’re good to go.
Sports Bra and Underwear – Go for breathable, quick-drying fabrics for a happy body.
Rash Guard, Tank Top, and Shorts – These smooth, snug layers add warmth and protection.
One-Piece Swimsuits – Want more coverage and freedom to move? Try these.
Bikinis – Easier bathroom breaks and changing behind bushes.
Sports Bras and Sports Underwear – Great support and thicker than regular underwear or bikinis.

What to wear under wetsuit male?

What to wear under wetsuit male
What to wear under wetsuit male
Going commando – These can be comfortable and convenient, but beware of chafing and sensitive areas.
Briefs or Boxers – Synthetic fabric clothes are a better option for avoiding water weight and irritation.
Board Shorts or Swim Trunks – These should not be too bulky or loose.
Diving Shorts – A fitted bicycle or diving shorts can help you in colder waters. And they are easier for suit changes.

Do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?

This is a common issue for both men and women. What are bodysuits? These one-piece garments can cover your torso and the crotch. You can wear it as an outfit or as an underlayer under a wetsuit. And to answer the first question, whether you wear underwear with a bodysuit really depends on what you’re comfortable with. It is comfortable for some people, while others find it unnecessary or uncomfortable. So, the answer mostly depends on what you prefer and what feels good. Here are some more things to think about wearing underwear with a bodysuit.

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Health – Does your bodysuit need a breathable layer for hygiene?
Bodysuit style – Is your bodysuit loose or snug?
Material – Is the bodysuit fabric breathable enough to go commando?

Bonus tip: If you’re unsure, try and wear different types of underwear (seamless, thong, etc.) under your bodysuit to see what feels best.

Swimwear vs wetsuits

Swimwear vs wetsuits
Swimwear vs wetsuits

People wear swimsuits when they are swimming, diving, or surfing or when they’re sunbathing in the water. There are different types of swimsuits for kids, men, and women. Now, what do swimsuits have to do with wetsuit undergarments? It’s the question, do you wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit? It is a real head-scratcher sometimes. The answer really depends on what you’re comfortable with. Here are some things to think about.

Benefits of wearing a swimsuit under a wetsuit

The swimsuit brings extra insulation. Freezing water? A swimsuit adds an extra layer to keep you warm.
Are you worried about wetsuit rub? A swimsuit acts as a protective shield for your skin.
Changing in public? A swimsuit gives you some extra coverage.
Are you renting a wetsuit? A swimsuit can help you keep your private parts clean and hygienic.

Drawbacks of wearing a swimsuit under a wetsuit

Swimsuits can create drag and slow you down in the water.
Seams, straps, and metal parts on swimsuits can be annoying.
Putting on and taking off a wetsuit with a swimsuit can be tricky.
You could risk yourself of overheating in warm water.

So, should you wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit? Ultimately, it’s all about you! Consider these factors.

Water temperature – Cold? Suit up. Warm? Don’t wear one.
Activity level – High energy? Go for mobility. Skip the swimsuit.
Wetsuit thickness – Thinner ones can benefit from an extra layer, while thicker ones might be enough.
Comfort – Choose what feels good on your body.

Special considerations for scuba diving and snorkeling

Are you planning to go scuba diving or snorkeling? Then, you need to give some special thought to what to wear under your wetsuit. You need more equipment than other water sports when scuba diving or snorkeling. And the water conditions are very different, so you’ve to pick your undergarments carefully. Here’s what to wear under a wetsuit for snorkeling and scuba diving.

If you need to know the difference between scuba diving and snorkeling? Check out our article on snorkeling vs scuba diving here.

Best options for what to wear scuba diving under your wetsuit

Skinsuit or dive skin suit – These slim suits are made from stretchy materials like lycra or spandex. They do not really keep you warm, but they can protect you from sunburn, rubbing, and stings. They can also help you slide in and out of your wetsuit easily. You can wear it alone in warm water or under a wetsuit in cold water.
Neoprene vest or jacket – Do you need extra warmth? This buddy adds an insulating layer and helps you control your buoyancy. Wear it over your skinsuit or under your wetsuit for maximum flexibility.
Hooded vest or Jacket – This can cover your head and neck and keep them warm in cold water. It can also prevent heat loss from your head, which accounts for about 25% of your body heat. You can wear it under or over your wetsuit.
Thermal underwear or Fleece – This option lets you keep your torso and legs or head and neck nice and warm. You can also wear this over your dive skin or under your wetsuit.
Scuba rash guards – These protect you from the sun, abrasions, and even jellyfish stings. And they’re super stretchy and breathable, so you can move freely underwater.

Best options on what clothes to wear for snorkeling under your wetsuit

Swim cap or hat – Want to cover your head and ears and keep them warm in cold water? Try these. It can also stop heat loss from your head and protect it from sunburn. You can wear it alone or under a hooded vest or jacket.
Swimsuit or bikini – These are all about comfort and coverage. And it is easier to change in public. Wear it alone in warm water or under your wetsuit in colder climates.
Rash guard or T-shirt – This is the superhero suit for your skin. Blocks sunburn, chafing, and jellyfish stings. Great on its own in warm water, or add an extra layer under your wetsuit in colder places.

Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about what to wear under a wetsuit.


Are you deciding on what do you wear under a wetsuit for your next water activity? Then, take your time and choose wisely. What you decide on can significantly impact your comfort and performance. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, we discussed a range of options to choose from in this article. Find what works best for you and fits your water activity needs. Remember, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and can move easily in the water.

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